27 February 2012

project healthy

Ok. Time for a bit of accountability.

Once upon a time, I worked out every day. I ate only clean food, all organic and the majority of it homemade. I completed P90X two times, completed Insanity once and got through half of it again, as well as half of Insanity Aslyum again. (those two halves were because I got sick and had to take a few weeks of a break). I was actually getting abs...*sigh* And even better than that, my lung function was higher than it had been since highschool when I was a competitive swimmer. I felt AMAZING.

Well not so anymore. The last time I got sick, during the Insanity Asylum program, I pretty much stopped and haven't started again. Also, right around Thanksgiving I felt so burned out of eating healthy and obsessing over it that I went a bit food crazy. And I haven't really stopped since then. I don't eat horribly, it just unsettles my stomach. But cereal for breakfast, including Golden Grahams, as opposed to egg whites and spinach and strawberries....yeah. Sandwiches for lunch and dinner followed by a glass of wine and dessert if I feel like it. Snacks being candy if I feel like it. So, no not horrible (I still don't eat fast food, it tears my stomach up something crazy) but not good either.
Well, I ran out of my nebulizer medicine. My other is coming in. My job is now to sit on my butt and use the computer. So as you can probably imagine, I am coughing constantly these days. CONSTANTLY. At Imaging, I had to ask Jenny to slow down because I couldn't breathe from walking up the road to the conference center. I've been using my inhaler about 3 times a day. And every time I lay down, every single time...I cough for about 5 minutes until I can control my breathing. It's so uncomfortable.

Now, I'm not feeling sorry for myself. Oh no. It's my fault and I know that. What I'm doing is putting it in writing so that I have no excuses but to fix it. It's my only choice.
I'm going to take my measurements, start the routine again and hopefully get to where I love it again.
I'm going to get where my lungs feel good, really good. Like when doing the swimming leg in a triathalon doesn't phase me good, like considering borrowing a bike to do the MS 150 isn't a big deal good. I'll get back there, I promise. You- and me.

Here's my starting point. It's embarrassing, but it's me and it's okay. I hope you don't mind at least walking this journey with me. And hopefully you'll take the journey too? That would be cool.


  1. I feel ya! I have an autoimmune disease that has kept me from doing anything active for the past several years. Prior to that I was strong and in great shape. Now, partly due to the disease and partly due to my poor food choices at times, I've gained an incredible amount of weight and hate it. It feels so much better to be in good shape and strong. Kudos to you for starting down that good and healthy journey again!

  2. I know just how you feel. I'v been trying to slim back down ever since having my son in 1999 then you add on the pounds from the other three babies I had... ugh! Its been a up and down battle and something always pulls me away from working out and eating healthy... but really I only have myself to blame.

    your a inspiration Amy!

  3. Yep...know those feelings VERY WELL! Unfortunately I can't "work out" because of my back and now my arm...but I am eating good and steadily losing weight. I took a picture of myself before I started losing weight...it made me physically ill to look at. Now...since I've lost 17 pounds I am finally feeling better about myself...and I want to keep losing weight. I'm with you Amy...support can come in all forms and fashions...I love ya girl and miss you! And am praying for you to totally succeed with your mission! XOXO

  4. I applaud your accountability! You strike me as someone who is mighty motivated, so I have no doubt at all you will work your little butt off to get where you want to.
    Good luck x

  5. Go you!! Before I had my daughter I did P90X twice (the lean version and then the classic). I was in crazy good shape. After she was born - I ate well but I just couldn't get into it again. I think I had Tony Burnout. Now pregnant with number two and I know I need something after this one is born. Did you like Insanity? I think it is more my style - no weights. For some reason, grabbing and changing weights annoyed me so much.

    Here to cheer you on!

  6. hi Amy, nothing to be embarrassed about! I admire your courage and determination! Congratulations on taking your first step to achieving your goal!!! You go, girl!!

    I guess I'll be seeing some healthy dessert recipes that I can learn from you now! :) See ya soon!!

  7. Courtney FitzgeraldMarch 29, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    I love your honesty with everything.  I feel your pain to a point.  I eat clean, work out (I mean, really work out) at least 5 days week, walk almost everywhere and cannot get the darn weight off.  I feel like a new person, but it hurts inside when the body is not where you want it to be.  Personally, I am headed to the dr for more testing. I tried the natural remedies, but it's time to get more checked out.  Good luck on your journey and I hope you feel better soon!


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