11 January 2012

wordless{ish} wednesday: griff

Meet Griff the fish. Aptly named after one of our favorite players, Michael Griffin of the Tennessee Titans. I went and got him Monday for my son. By Tuesday I realized something wasn't right....well I came to realize several things. I hadn't acclimated him into the water, so he was shocked, for one. The other is I bought him at Petco and he was badly mishandled from the get go. He is a Half Moon Betta. I am finding out that this guys fins are supposed to be huge and flowy. And his color should be almost neon blue. All these things are a sign that he is not feeling well...and may have a disease. It makes me sad. So I'm doing everything I can to save Griff the fish, please pray for him! (I know that's silly, praying for a fish, but my son and I have grown quite attached to the blue guy).

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  1. Poor Griff! We've had bad luck with Petco fish, too - though one of the beta's we got we joked should have been a catfish since he even survived the cat knocking over the fishbowl and being out of water on the floor for at least 5 minutes. :) So maybe Griff will survive with love and prayers! :)

    Introducing the World's Smallest Warrior Cat

  2. Hope your fish recovers - you're right, it is sad after you get attached.

  3. Very nice shot of the reflection tho. Yes hope he survives... such delicate little creatures. You know we have had our little goldfish now for 13 years.. I rarely clean out his bowl just keep topping up with water. He must love it! Yes they have to climatise.. temp and nutrient wise. Good Luck !!
    jennie. x

  4. LOVE the picture. We aren't ones to give advise on fish.... our's likes to play dead. Serioulsy the thing floats on his back on the top of the bowl. **new follower**

  5. Lovely photo of your pretty fish :) Hope he goes okay - he looks very much like the fish we bought l'il T for 2nd birthday a few months ago (the stores here call them fighter fish?) .... we had to keep the water super warm . otherwise 'Fish' (creative name hey!) would start to slow down its movements and look a little 'sad'.

  6. Just posted my first 'Wordless Wednesday' yesterday, and have linked up with you too on yours!
    Would it be rude of me to ask some advice for making my buttons of who I'm linking up with look less higgeldy-piggeldy?

  7. you can buy stuff at the pet store to put in the water each time you change the water so the fish doesn't get shocked. it works its cheap and you only need 2 drops. I know ..the kids win goldfish at every fair!! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!


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