17 February 2012


I can't even describe what a blessing it is to have a 3 year old little boy that shows so much compassion it breaks my heart into pieces.
When he lets me hug him when I'm sad, when he touches my face and asks, "What's wrong, Mommy?" and that makes me cry in itself. That little voice saying those words breaks open the flood gates.
Then he tells me to get a drink of his water and he kisses my forehead and tells me, "There. Now it's better," like his kisses make it all go away.
And you know what? They really do.
I am grateful for a little boy so wise. For his compassion and for his comfort.
God, I hope he never ever loses those wonderful, rare traits along the way.


  1. What a sweet little man.  Amazing how those little touches from our babies make everything better.

  2. Like Momma...Like Son!


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