04 June 2012

photo show off

Well since we skipped last week, this show off better be good, right? I promise it is!

I actually had a bit of trouble choosing this show off because all the photos linked were so good! So many sweet baby pictures, two wonderful photo sessions by Live, Love and Travel and Jenny Rain. I had a really difficult time making a choice!

But alas, I chose two.

My first show off is of a sweet lady who takes the most amazingly comforting photographs and has a talent for creating beautiful textures and graphics. I've already bought two sets of her textures and overlays and I have a feeling I'll be pouring more money into her work!! Kristy is her name, and she's over at Life N Reflection. She took this amazing shot of a texture lovers dream house...

How incredible is THAT? Doesn't the shot just make you want to beg to know the story of that house? Something about that crooked door, those wonderful moss caked roof tiles... I just love it.

And for my next show off....I think I might be a sucker for macro flower shots. Possibly. Barb from Keeping Up With the Times linked up these beautifully lit shots she took during her photo class and I think they are just wonderfully done! While you are visiting her site, make sure you check out her Best Shots page. She really creates beautiful work!

As for this week....

You guys know we just launched our Fine Art Website. Well, I really want to share with you two of my favorite images that I ended up putting on the site.

They are self portraits, so who knows if anyone will ever want to purchase them. My individual goal for the site was to create and offer work that people would love to have in their homes. I don't know...would you want to have my legs or my torso in your home?? haha. But these are a few of my favorites because of the softness. I want to get back to that style, it's the one that makes me so happy. The first photo, Stars Keep Falling, was actually a total accident. I meant to photograph my face but had the camera at the wrong angle. And it totally worked out. The second image, Believe, is my childhood imagination at work...the wish that there really was some kind of Wonderland where the butterflies would swarm and land on you like they were your friends. Who knows...maybe they could even have a conversation with you? I think I might love it in a place like that.

Ok, it's your turn to Show Off!

how does the Photo Show Off work?

- follow, subscribe to, or become a fan of love bug. 
- link up your photos!
- link back to the show off somewhere on your blog, using my button or just a text link. 
- check out other links and leave comments. 
- come back next week to show off again!
-if your photo was a Show Off this week, grab the button and show it off!





  1. LOVE the third photo and the image of the flower. Great snaps. xx  Quiet Luxury

  2. I am so surprised to be a SHOW OFF!! Thank Amy for sharing my work.  Your fairytale prints are gorgeous! 

  3. Wow! thank you for the huge compliment and for highlighting my flower shot!

  4. That flower shot is just beautiful! Love the new art prints. That's such an exciting venture!

  5. Beautiful collage, great shots!

    Visiting for Favorite Photo Monday- hope you can stop by:)http://www.sweetposh.info/2012/06/eating-fruit-salad.html

  6. Yeah, the house is so interesting:)

    Visiting for FPM- hope you can stop by:)http://www.harpsterschronicle.com/2012/06/feeding-ducks.html

  7. ishouldbecleaninghouseJune 4, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    I'm a little late linking up here I think! Sorry...  Your self portraits are FANTASTIC! I'll have to go check out your new site.

  8. Love your selfies! Very unique. :) 

  9. thanks for letting me know about you link party :)
    I added my photo and grabbed your button as well :)

  10. Absolutely beautiful finds this week! LOVE each one. Be back to link up my shot tomorrow! XO

  11. Rh West PhotographyJune 5, 2012 at 5:07 AM

    Love your new site Amy, I wish you all the success in the world, thanks so much for hosting :)

  12. You take such beautiful photographs!  Loving your site and look forward yo keeping up with your adventures!

    xo Shane

  13. Great pictures.  I'm a new follower from LOST.  Looking forward to participating in some of your linkups.  

  14.  Yay Jen! Thank you!! I"m off to follow you now too !

  15. Just happened upon your site from Happy Jax...love!! New follower who will be back for sure to participate in your photo link ups :)

  16. Love your self portraits :) So whimsical and soft!

  17. I love the torso shot!  I would have never guessed it was a selfie!

    Jamie @ www.mamamommymom.com


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